Evan Klein

Evan Klein is a Los Angeles based automotive photographer and dedicated car lover. He shoots for all your favorite car magazines, Motor Trend, Road and Track, Octane, Automobile, Hagerty, as well as new car manufacturers. Highway Earth came from his love for cars and wanting others to have a place to share their stories. When he's not shooting, you'll probably find him keeping his 1967 Alfa Giulia on the road.

Lionel Bebbington Lionel is an Award-winning Content Director, Art Director and Designer with over 20 years of experience in both traditional and custom publication design. His publication expertise involves everything from story concept development to final design execution—including full-scale shoot production. His real joy though, is being able to work with great people to tell stories that are meaningful and engaging. What a joy to be able to collaborate with Evan again on another year of Highway Earth!