We're making a magazine and we need your help.

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             We are now producing the magazine Highway and we need your help, 

Everyone that orders a copy will be in the running to have their car featured in the magazine.

The magazine celebrates you the car owner and their car. We need 300 orders to succeed.

We need advertisers and sponsors, only full page ad's will be available at $1000.00 a page

A top tier advertiser will receive a 6 page feature including photoshoot and the back page $2000.

A full sponsorship with single advertising and co-branding with a magazine launch at your facility $15,000                                                                                           

                     Car Show Sponsorship:                                                                                                              

Your Logo on homepage of our website with links to your site

A 1/4, 1/2, or Full page of advertising in our magazine or

                   A photoshoot with your car featured and published in the magazine

Your logo on all postcards printed

Your logo on banner at entrance to show

Give goodies out at entrance to all that come

Advertise next to your car at the show

Get 5 free copies of our Highway magazine

And of course you get in free! 

If you have questions, give me a call, Evan 1-310-926-7897